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So here’s the thing - Web 2.0 profiles is one of the most effective ways you can start spreading the word about your website. Basically, what we do is sign up on high authority social websites and add links to your site from every profile.

That’s a natural way of getting organic, trustworthy backlinks and become an authority in your area of expertise. Links built in this manner are relevant, qualitative and totally Penguin safe, thus, this service is the key tactic to dominate the rankings.

But this, like anything in SEO, requires manual work and profile creation.

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Advantage #2
RSS Backlinks
Automate The Process with RSS Feeds - Create RSS Feed or Choose RSS of your blog or even your youtube channel RSS, add them to Rank Snap, and select where you want to syndicate the content! It will create high authority backlinks on autopilot every time you make use of RankSnap’s features.

It’s completely automated and this is one of the most powerful ways out there to supercharge rankings.

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Super Video RANKINGS
Getting backlinks from Youtube Embeds is a great way to boost your rankings in the youtube search engine because Youtube and google love popular videos, obviously. But what they like more is when other sources LINK BACK to Youtube and provide the platform itself MORE TRAFFIC, and they REWARD you for it.

AND THIS SOFTWARE will build video embeds like it’s nobody’s business and provide you with super Youtube traffic.
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Magic Indexer
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You see, Backlinks and SEO isn’t just about sharing content and hoping google will PICK UP on the content and give you traffic.

After building backlinks, you need to index each and everyone of them with your pages and sites or else google MAY NOT even recognize them!

This is what magic indexer does..and it does it GREAT.

It’ll do this on autopilot and index so your new traffic generating, heavy hitting backlinks will be recognized and create you FAR SUPERIOR rankings.
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